Our philosophy is based on two simple principles

Our Philosophy

Follow science, not trend

We only supplied supplements that are scientifically supported and clinically proven to make tangible and perceived benefits to health. Our expert team of nutrition scientists maintain close partnerships with top Canadian manufacturers and research institutions to ensuring we provide our valuable consumers with products that are at the cutting edge of clinical nutrition. Our specialist therapeutic focus means that we follow science, not trends.

Health and Happiness with nature

Health is fundamental to enjoy our life, though it’s often only when our health has been compromised that we fully appreciate its importance. Our purpose is to help support and enhance your physical health and wellbeing so that you can live healthily and happily. We believe good health can be achieved and sustained naturally through diet and natural supplementation.

Our Vision

Our ‘Letmotiv’ is to support people in leading healthy and happy lives, without depending on heavy pharmaceutical medication unless absolutely vital. Although we advocate the idiom “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure“, Happy BioPharma only exists because of the truth that there are millions of people in Canada alone with a huge challenge, of choosing the right supplement to support their health or disease condition!

We are here for two reasons: firstly, to provide people with effective, science-based natural therapeutic supplements to avoid sole reliance on pharmaceutical medication; secondly, we endeavour to provide people with the premium supplement available in North America. We also provide Canadians with, up-to-date nutrition science and information that is both easy to understand and simple to put into practice – extending to areas such as diet and lifestyle, because prevention is key.

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure…”